Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Bulb Wreath

I'm pretty sure that all of these Christmas Idea posts would have been much more helpful to all of you before Christmas. You'll just have to bookmark them and pull them out in September! :O) I'm going to just go ahead and admit right here on the internet that I read WAY too many blogs. I think I like looking for inspiration more than I like using that inspiration to do fun things. Call me crazy. Anyway, I almost always use the inspiring blogs I read as a jumping off point for things I do. Call me lazy. So I when I say in every blog post that I found the idea on someone's blog, you can bet your bottom dollar it's true. And you can even know that even if I don't say that, I still probably found it on someone's blog. It's just the way it is. Well, I first saw this idea here. Then I saw it here. And they both saw it here. After a while, resistance was futile. So I started with these ornaments.
I got them at Target for $15 for all of them. They're plastic, which is nice, except I think the tops on the plastic ones break easier than the metal tops on the glass bulbs. I may have to try a wreath with glass bulbs and see if it's easier. Although the plastic tops are on pretty tight, I did follow the directions and put a dab of hot glue on each one, just to be sure. The issues I had weren't with the tops popping off the bulbs, it was more with the plastic tops breaking where the wire went through. It wasn't a huge deal. I'd just hot glue the bulbs back where I wanted them and they were fine. Anyway, here's the end result. 

I loved that some of the bulbs had glitter on them and some of the smaller ones had glitter dots and stripes on them. Doesn't it look cute on my craft room floor? Because I can't believe I didn't get one single picture of it up in my house! Ack! I'll have to take a picture next year since it's all packed away till next year. When I went back and looked at the inspiration wreaths again I love love love the ones with the muted tones and pink in them. I'll have to keep an eye out for some ornaments in those colors. It's hard to find something amazing that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I did tie a big red bow on the top of mine and I just used the hanger hook to hang it from. DH put a nail in the top of the molding above the window in the kitchen and it hung nicely from the hanger hook. 

When I was in the process of finishing up my wreath, I had to take a break to work on this:
Isn't he adorable!?! As part of the curriculum in 3rd grade, the kids do a lesson on immigration. As part of that lesson, they have to research their heritage and make a clothespin figure to represent someone from their family. Then they give their little person a name and write a story about how they came to America. Mason decided to do his project on our American Indian heritage and so we worked on this little Indian man. I think he called him Straight Arrow or something equally adorable. I "helped" Mason make his clothes, headdress, bow and little quiver full of arrows. It was a fun project and Mason was so proud of how he turned out! 

All of the little people were on display in the classroom for a week or two. Some of the stories were so touching. One little girl who was adopted from China made the most beautiful doll and her story made me cry. It was a great lesson for all of them to learn about where everyone came from. At the end of the week they wrap things up with an immigration simulation. They have to pretend they're on a boat in steerage and eat dry crackers as they sail to Ellis Island. At the end some of them are too "sick" with fake diseases to be admitted to the US. The teachers are careful to choose kids who won't be too upset by the disappointment, but it's a good lesson for all of the kids and they have a blast. 

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leslie (crookedstamper) said...

What a wonderful class project! And the re-enactment! Wow.

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