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Kitchen, part 4 (and another small-ish project)

Okay, as usual, life has gotten in the way of blogging and I've left you all hanging longer than I intended on the kitchen progress. To make up for it we're going to see a LOT of progress in this post, but there will be one more post after this one that will include all of the finishing touches. For a recap of what's happened so far, you can click here, here, and here.

I didn't realize until I got ready to put this post together that I shared some sneak peaks in the last post. Before we painted, we had the new countertops installed.The picture above is how things looked after the old countertops came off, and right before the new countertops went on. The old countertops were laminate with a wood edge. In a number of places the laminate had come loose and Mike had been gluing it back down. Below is the first picture of the new countertops. 
We went with Quartz and I love them. I wasn't thrilled with how the new countertops looked with the maple cabinets, but I knew they were going to be AMAZING with the white cabinets. 

Here's a closeup of the countertops.

This is a shot of the new sink. The old sink was an overmount sink had one side bigger than the other and the faucet was off-center. If you weren't paying attention, you could actually swing the faucet far enough on the right side that it would spray right on the countertop! Poor planning, if you ask me. I love how the faucet is centered on this sink and the undermount sink is AWESOME! So easy to wipe the counters off. We re-used our faucet, but got rid of the plate it was mounted on. I 'm so much happier with how it looks and it's much more functional. The new sink is also about 4 inches deeper than the old one.  

When we built the house, the kitchen had a cutting board that the cabinetmakers installed. Little did we know that it was made of plywood, so as soon as we started using it we cut right through the veneer. You can see below how nasty it was! We use this thing every day. Blech!

My rock-star hubby made a new one and it is spectacular! He used maple floorboards that were left over when we built the house and then some scrap pieces of cherry and walnut. I love, love, love it! In fact, I had a hard time cutting on it for the first few times. Now it's getting lots of use and will stand up to years of use WAY better than the yucky plywood one.

Below is a picture from the day the cabinet painters came to mask everything off. The insides of the cabinets were already white melamine, so they removed everything they could (doors, end panels, etc.) and masked everything else. You can also see in this picture (and the next one below) that the wall on the left is still purple. Thats the color it was before we painted, but that section is going to be tiled, so we didn't bother painting where the tile is going to go.

Here's how things looked with the masking still on after they painted. Already a big difference. 

This is how things looked after they removed all of the masking. Things are starting to come together! They painted in the house on Monday and Tuesday and then they took the doors and end panels to their shop and painted those on Wednesday and Thursday. We had all new doors made for the upper cabinets (since Mike had made the cabinets all taller.) I was dying to see how the new doors looked, but they went straight from the cabinet shop to the painter, so we didn't see how they looked until they were painted and installed. Scroll down to see the big reveal! 

On Friday they re-installed all of the doors and end panels and the new hardware. The new doors are solid birch and we had them made to EXACTLY match the bottom doors. The doors with the glass panels used to have small panes of glass, but I had the new doors made to just have one tall pane of glass. There's no glass in them in these pictures. The glass took a few more weeks. I'll have pictures of that in my next post. 

Can you even believe it's the same kitchen??!!??

I'm super thrilled with how everything turned out. We did have a few minor issues with the paint, but the painters took care of everything we weren't happy with, so it's perfect now. 

Here's the island/peninsula. I LOVE the hardware, although there's a story behind that. I'll tell you about that in my next post. I actually changed some of it after this picture. 

We didn't have enough going on, so a few weeks ago we decided to take on a bedroom re-do as well. My oldest son turned 10 in February. He's been sharing a bedroom with my 7-year old since we had the little guy and I've been promising he could someday move into the other room by himself. Here's how the room looked before:
Can you say, "Baby Room"? 
The border is blue, yellow, and green and has little baby handprints. We painted that on before Dawson was born - 10 years ago! It was cute and I made the crib quilt, valances, diaper hanger and other stuff to match the border, so I didn't change it when Mason and Jordan were born. They all used the same stuff. Jordan is turning 5 next week, so I think it's time to say goodbye to the baby motif. 
Mike built all of the shelves and the dresser.

Below is a picture of the room he moved out of. We had the beds bunked up and the book shelf (you can see the end of it) was against the far wall in the corner under the lion picture. I forgot to take a complete "before" picture with the book shelf in place, so just use your imagination. 

Here's how things looked after we rearranged everything (but before I cleaned my camera lens, apparently!) Sorry about the spots on the picture. These were also taken at night, so cut me some slack on the poor photography skills. 
We un-bunked the beds and moved the furniture around. I still need to move the pictures, but I do think the kids took down the animal posters. So, Jordan and Mason share this room now and Dawson is moved into the other room alone. 

I'll share pictures of Dawson's new room and the rest of the kitchen reno pictures in my next post. I'm working on it now, so I promise not to leave you hanging too long!!  Thanks for sticking with me. I'm also working on scheduling some crafty posts, so be sure to check back. Or better yet, enter your email in the subscription box to automatically receive an email whenever I get around to posting! 

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