Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Kitchen Finale

Well, here it is. The last update on the kitchen reno. Although I guess I should post a disclaimer that we do still have a couple small things to do. We want to put pendant lights over the island/peninsula and possibly over the sink, and I need some new rugs. Other than that, things are done!
Here are some pictures of the glass we chose for the cabinet doors. You can still see a little of what is inside, but it's more obscure than plain glass, which is what was in the old doors. The glass we chose is called "Narrow Reed" and we got it at a local glass shop. 

I mentioned in yesterday's post that there were some "issues" with the knobs. The guy who painted the cabinets said he had a great place online where he could get knobs cheaper than anywhere we could find on our own. I found a style I liked and had him order them. They were about $1.50 each for the knobs and about $3 each for the drawer pulls. We had looked around a little and thought the price was good. Here's a picture of the knobs he ordered for me. 
Although I like the look of them, I was surprised to find when they installed them that they were hollow on the back. It seemed a little strange to me, but I figured I'd get used to it with time. Here's a picture of how they look on the back:
One of the reasons I chose this style is because they had something similar at Home Depot but they were twice as much. BUT they also had a larger size that I could use on the pantry door so that all of the knobs would match. Well, after they installed the cabinet hardware I picked up the pantry door knob at Home Depot and installed it. Once that happened I was no longer happy with the cabinet knobs. The knob from Home Depot was solid and smooth on the back. Well, last week I listed the cabinet knobs on Craigs List and sold them all in one day for $1.50 each, which I'm pretty sure is what we paid for them. Then I went straight to Home Depot and got the $3 knobs. Here's a picture of how they look:
And look how they are on the back! It seems so silly, but they are so much better. We only have 19 knobs, so the total price difference was less than $30. So worth it to me. Now I'm happy every time I open my cabinet doors! 
Did I mention that we worked with a designer for some of the ideas we used in the kitchen? I can't remember. Anyway, Joe at Designs by Human helped us out and one of his recommendations was to put drapes in the breakfast nook. The drapes arrived last week and I'm so happy with how they look. Oh, and yes, we had about 2 inches of snow on the ground yesterday. Nice surprise, but only because it meant soccer was cancelled! 

Oh! and did you notice my new light fixture!?! It's a drum shade and I LOVE it! It totally changes the feel of the space. The old light cast all of the light down toward the table, but this one is open on the top so it really lights up the whole space. Here's a close-up.

Well, the only thing left to show you is the tile, and it was not without some drama. The pictures below were taken on the day it was installed. I was so thrilled with it. The tile is 1"x2" glass subway tile. It adds so much dimension. I had a hard time finding the pure white tiles. Most of them have a greenish hue. 

Finally the purple paint is covered up!

Here's where the drama starts. I was sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper the morning they came to grout the tile. The guy slapped the grout up and started smearing it over the tile and into the spaces and immediately my heart stopped. The grout color I chose was white. The grout they were putting up was brown-ish. Kind of a taupe color. I kept thinking, "Do I say something? Surely they couldn't use the wrong color. They're professionals, right? Maybe it dries white. I'm sure it must be right. They wouldn't make a mistake like that, right?" Well, they got about 2/3 up the wall and I finally got up the nerve to say, "So, does it dry white?" and the guy said, "NO!" At this point I may have needed CPR. I said, "I'm pretty sure that's not the right color. The grout I picked is WHITE!" The guy got out the package and it said "Bone" on it and I told him I couldn't remember the exact name of the color I chose but that I was pretty sure it had the word "white" right in the name. Well, to make a long story less long, I called and they confirmed that I had chosen "Bright White" for my grout color and the guys ended up having to scrape all of the grout out of the tiles. And let me tell you, scraping grout out of 1"x2" brick-set tiles is no quick job. They had only put the grout into about 10 square feet of tile and it took them about 3 hours to scrape it all out. Here they are working on it:

As you can see, they ended up using toothbrushes and razor blades. Even when I could see they were getting most of it out I was afraid it was still going to show through since the tile is CLEAR GLASS! You can see here that the grout is clearly NOT white!

But, alas, once they put the right color grout in, it was GORGEOUS! Here's how it looked when they were done.

Here's a shot of the backsplash. The flash went off in this shot so it's extra shiny. I was worried about how the outlet covers would look with the tile but I don't think they look bad at all.

Here's a wider shot.

And here are a few shots of the whole thing.

Well, thanks for hanging in there with me on the whole kitchen project. I'd love to know what you think. I'm super happy with how everything turned out. Like I said, we still want to try to put pendant lights over the peninsula and I need some rugs. The next project is the family room. 

I'm not going to add the pictures of Dawson's new room to this already-too-long post. I'll be back soon with the pictures of how that project turned out. 


bristowmom said...

B-EAU-TI-FUL Britiney! Love the cabinets. Love the (new) knobs. Love the tile. Love the drapes. Love it all. The drum shade is so cool! Doesn't the design on it remind of of an SU stamp? Not sure which one, but you probably know.

Congratulations! Job VERY well done!

Marie said...

It looks beautiful!!! And clear glass tile - I've never seen that, but it sounds and looks fabulous!! Love it all!

gina marie said...

It's GORGEOUS!!!! I am so impressed! Oh, you must love being in there. I love the back splash! When can I come over for lunch? I promise not to spill anything:-)

leslie said...

Love it! It looks GREAT!

denise:) said...

1. Totally get the knob issue- would rather feel quality every day than save a buck!

2. OMG, i'd have freaked out with the grout mishap!!! I'm glad you spoke up and got it changed. It is GORGEOUS. I love me them subway shaped tiles and the translucent of the glass must be fab and go so well with the translucent granite - yummmmmmy!

3. LOVE the drum shade!!! Reminds me of FAbulous Flowers... i think.


Diana Gibbs said...

This is awesome, and OMG! I would have been freaking with the grout the wrong OCD would have been off the chart.
Totally agree with you on the knobs. feeling that hollow part in the back would have been blech after all that beautiful work.


Angie Tieman said...

Wowza! I'm so excited I popped over here to check on you, you've created my dream kitchen!! Love your countertops and subway tile, yummm! I have white cabinets too and have been looking at new countertops. I wonder if I can switch my plain glass fronts to your wavy glass, love the way it looks! Excellent redesign, I'm so happy for you! Oh, and the dining nook curtains and pendant light, LOVE them!!

melissa * 320 Sycamore said...

Wow! I love the glass and the knobs you chose. Love the verse you chose for the name of your blog as well. :)

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