Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kitchen, part 3

We're still making progress on the kitchen. In fact, it's almost finished! I'm tempted to jump to the end and show you how amazing it looks, but I'm going to get some blog mileage out of this and string you along as much as possible.

It took Mike most of December and January to modify all of the cabinets. That was partly due to the amount of work it took, and partly due to the fact that he started having severe Migraine headaches in December. He had 5 of them in December. We thought there might be something wrong with the furnace that was causing it to leak carbon monoxide into the garage where he was working, so he limited his time out there until we had the furnace replaced on New Year's Eve. We know how to live it up, I tell 'ya. For a reminder of what we've accomplished up to this point click here and here.

Here's a quick before picture.
Here's how things looked after Mike got all of the cabinets extended.

Here's a close-up of the cabinets on the far wall. If you look closely at the "before" picture, you can see that we also moved the microwave up so the bottom is flush with the cabinets. I love that there's more room above the stove now.

And now for the real "WOW!" transformation. Here's a look at the breakfast nook "before".

Then I stripped all of the wallpaper and took down the valances. Here's the "after" without the wallpaper.
A little stark, but wait until you see how it looks now! Are you ready??

Quite a transformation, huh? It's taken me a little time to get used to the color. It's really out of my comfort zone, but the more I live with it the more I like it and WAIT until you see how it looks with the cabinets white! It's amazing. Oh, and please ignore the mess and the guy on the floor. He's fine. Nothing to see here. Move on. That's my painter. He's working on some touch-ups. :O)

I promise to be back soon with the cabinet paint transformation. The backsplash tile is scheduled for this week and then the big stuff is done. All that's left is drapes and light fixtures. I'd love to know what you think!


Marie said...

It is looking fabulous, Britiney!!! You guys are going to just love it that much more once it's all done and you know that you did it all yourselves!

denise:) said...

OMIWerd! Looking fabulous!!! What is the name of the color? I also like the microwave moved up to be flush w/the bottom of the cabinets. I can't wait to see the cabinet doors1!!

bristowmom said...

It looks great Britiney! I can't wait to see the finished cabinets!

You DO know that this transformation is going to cause you to repaint the living room and dining room, right?

(I'm far away so you can't hit me.)

JulieA said...

I love the color that you chose for the paint!!!!! Beautiful!

Janet said...

I LOVE what you are doing..... however, PLEASE move on and show us MORE!!!!!!! :) It's really gorgeous.

Leslie Hanna said...

WOW, WOW, and WOW! Love it!

Diana Gibbs said...

OMG! I am laughing so hard at your poor painter laying on the worked him too hard.

Oh and by the way...congratulations on winning the blog candy!

designsbyhuman said...

I am very pleased with the results of my design! Kudos to Mike for the fabulous millwork, and I'm glad everyone is loving it. Hope you are too!

Joe Human
designs by human.

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