Friday, August 28, 2009

Redfish Lake

In June, just a week after school got out, we loaded up the kids and the new puppy and headed up to Redfish Lake, just outside of Stanley, Idaho. Here are a few pictures from our trip. We spend a week there every year and the kids always have a blast. The past few years, Mike's parents and his sister and her husband have gone with us. The kids love spending a week camping with Grandma & Grandpa.

Mike's dad has a blow up raft. They had fun paddling around the lake.

Here's a beautiful shot of the lake at sunset.

There's a fish hatchery (or a fish catchery, as Jordan likes to call it) just down the road. They stock the fishing pond there and the boys love to go there and catch fish. This year we had good luck.

We had 3 fish on our stringer and an Osprey swooped down and tried to snatch it out of the pond! Can you believe it!!?? What a nervy bird! Luckily Mike had staked it to the ground so he didn't actually steal our fish, but he sure gave it his best effort.

Here's a picture from Stanley Lake which is just down the road.
This is one of my favorite places in the world. It's so beautiful.

Baxter was such a good puppy, but he was sure dirty!

On another front, we had a super fun experience a few weeks ago when Jordan knocked the lamp off the table and broke the compact fluorescent bulb in it. It was nothing short of a HAZMAT emergency (they contain mercury, apparently.) We had to evacuate the house for 15 minutes and then I had to clean it up using a "special procedure" my husband found on the internet. I don't know how much of it was an absolute requirement, but I wasn't too fond of the idea of trying to deal with mercury poisoning either. Here's a picture of the carnage.

I'm all about reducing my carbon footprint, but I'm now questioning how safe these light bulbs are in my house, where my KIDS live!! And am I the only one or do they really burn out in half the time of incandescent bulbs. I can't even tell you how many of these we've replaced and we still have some incandescent bulbs that have NEVER been changed in the nearly 12 years we've lived in our house!! How can that be??!!! I'd love to hear your experiences. Anyone break one of these and live to tell about it (besides me, I mean.)


Amy said...

Love the pics!

Before the powers that be determined that a broken swirly lightbulb was dangerous, we had several broken ones *in our pantry.* Yeah, great. But since we didn't know, we just swept it up and threw it away!

I'm with you on whether or not these are a good idea!

gina marie said...

Amazing photo of the sunset on Redfish Lake! I love that place too. And as for the light bulb, we only use them in the garage for that very reason.

Kay Kalthoff said...

I love the camping pictures and I totally agree with you. Ours burn out in half the time of regular light bulbs . . . I know because I write the date on them when I started suspecting it. Also, we broke several before they were declared dangerous and I'm pretty much through with them. LED are supposed to be better, but I hate the weak blue light they give off. I'm stockpiling regular lightbulbs!

Mrs.Lumpy said...

Well, I tried the new "curly bulbs" (as I call them). I would try anything. I was changing bulbs in my house about every 2 months it seemed....not joking. I have never changed so many lightbulbs as I have until we moved into this house, I don't know what the problem is. So, I thought I would give those a try. I put them in one light in the dining room and in the bathroom. I just changed the bathroom lights (all 3 of them within about 1 1/2 weeks from one another) after about a year!!! They have definitely paid for themselves in my house!! I still don't think I have changed all of them in my dining room light fixture. I am hooked! I have them everyplace I can have them in my house. They save my a ton of money in lightbulbs. I was seriuosly buying 4-4 packs of lightbulbs about every 2-3 months!!

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