Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm HOME!!

Convention ended yesterday at about 4:30 and I jumped in the car and blasted home. I was home by about 9:30 last night. It was so nice to sleep in my own bed. Convention was amazing, as always. I met a number of my online stamping friends, which was fun. I got to meet Cindy, Vera, Kay, and Angie from the Great Swaps Girls group. Hey, girls! They're all just as sweet and amazing in person as they are online. Cindy and I had a great time oogling over each other's convention display projects. This year I resisted the urge to stand next to the displays and point out my projects to everyone. he he he

Although I enjoyed everything, there were two presentations that really stood out for me this year. One was by Brian Pilling and the other was the keynote speaker, Belinda Ellsworth. Those two presentations more than made the convention experience worthwhile. I came away inspired and excited.

Okay, I promised to share some of my display samples and some backpacking pictures while I was gone, but the convention center charged $15 a day for wifi, so I was hoping you could wait until I got home. I'll share just a couple of pictures at a time so I can stretch out the crafty goodness over a week or two. Here are a couple to get started.

These two cards were probably two of the simplest projects I made. For the top one I used the mitered corner frame and on the bottom card I used masking for the background. Both of these use the Hello Again stamp set from the new catalog.

And, as promised, here are a few pictures from our backpacking trip.

This is all of us just as we were getting ready to hike out.
This is Langer Lake, which is where we camped.
On a quick day hike Jordan fell in the lake (not the lake where we stayed - another lake - Island Lake)
Here he is in my shirt while his clothes dried out. Much more cheerful here. :O)
Mike and Mason actually swam in the lake.
Here are my boys on the hike out. If you're interested in a long and possibly boring story about the trip, read on . . .

The morning of the trip Mason woke up with a tummy bug and was throwing up. We tried to get on the road and he threw up again in the car, so he and I decided we would just stay home. We were meeting some friends up there and they were driving up later in the day. Mason started feeling better and so he and I drove up with them. When we got there the mosquitoes were terrible, but Mason and I started off. Our friends have a 2 year old who wanted to do most of his own walking, so Mason and I ended up getting quite a way in front of them. Mason's heels started hurting and I didn't have a first-aid kit (Mike had that and most of our other supplies in his pack.) I tried to put some moleskin on his blisters, but I didn't have any scissors and couldn't cut a piece off. We hiked and hiked and hiked to the point I thought we might be lost. And here we were - just me and my 7 year old son - in the wilderness - without adequate supplies - mosquitoes eating us alive - well, you get the picture. I kept thinking to myself - this is the type of story you hear on the news! Mason's pack was heavy for him (mine was about 35 lbs.) so he would carry it for a while and then I'd carry it in my hands for a while. By the time we FINALLY got to the lake we were both exhausted, Mason had gigantic blisters on his heels, we were covered in mosquito bites, and we hadn't eaten anything at all on the hike in, so we were famished.

So I recount the story of "our harrowing experience" to Mike and he says, "Good thing I switched the sleeping bags. I put the lightest one on Mason's pack. See?" and we both turn and look and THERE IS NO SLEEPING BAG ON MASON'S PACK. Now, if you haven't backpacked or camped much, that might not immediately register as a major issue, but that meant we had 5 people and 4 sleeping bags. We were hoping our friends might find on the trail and bring it with them, but when they finally arrived, they didn't have the bag and said they had passed someone who was hiking out who was carrying a sleeping bag. GRRRRRR!! It took Mason and me almost 2 hours to hike into the camp. Mike took off and RAN out all the way to the trail head in 20 minutes in the hopes he could catch the guy or that he would at least have left our sleeping bag at the trailhead. Well, he didn't catch the guy and the guy didn't leave our sleeping bag. Our friends were able to come to our rescue by allowing us to use the sleeping bag they had brought for their 2 year old. Whew! Our backup plan was to unzip one of the large sleeping bags we had and lay it over two of us like a blanket and try to make due.

Well, here's my favorite part of the story . . . when we got back down to the trailhead, I wrote down the names of the people on the registry (you're supposed to sign in before you hike the trail.) When we got home I googled the names on the list we thought were most likely the guy our friend saw with the sleeping bag. Lo and behold! The guy's facebook page came up and he works at the same place my husband works!! HA! Oh, did I mention that the bag I lost was our best, lightest, and most expensive bag? Yeah. It was. So Monday morning Mike calls the guy and asks him if he was at Langer Lake over the weekend. He says he was. Then Mike asks him if he found a sleeping bag. ( I think the guy was a little surprised to hear from us.) He says YES! Crazy times. To wrap up this too long story, the guy has the bag and brings it to my husband at work the next day. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES!!!???? So we got back the expensive sleeping bag AND we had a great time on our trip. If you've read this far, you should get some kind of award. Thanks for sticking with me. I'll be back with more convention pictures and display sample pictures soon.


Christa said...

OH! What a trip! And what are the odds?!! Crazy! Loved your post and so glad to hear you guys had a fun adventure. ;) Can't get over that picture of Jordan in your shirt...what a little stinker. He sure is cute though!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear about the convention on Wednesday. Stamp Club this week, right?
I love your long story about your backpack trip....with three boys your adventures are so different from ours. I had to laugh at Jordan falling in the lake though I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time. We can barely get Olivia to come camping with us and only if she gets to bring a friend. I can't see her backpacking at all. Thanks for the great story. Patsy

Leslie Hanna said...

This is why I do not camp. :-)

JulieA said...

Hi Britiney! Love those swaps you made! They're beautiful. And it was great meeting you! Thanks for allowing me to shout out to meet you. :-D

Kay Kalthoff said...

What an advanture! I can't believe you connected back up with the lost bag . . . what an amazing story!!
I loved meeting you at convention!! Whoo Whoo - what a blast! Hugs!

janet said...

We should have gone home with you... our 9:30 flight was delayed until after 10:30... by the time we got home it was after midnight!!!!!!!!

Janey said...

love your story - just stopping in to check out your site!
hugs, Janey

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