Friday, July 31, 2009

All-Purpose Blog Post

Well, as usual, things have been pretty busy around here. Just thought I'd drop in for a quick post of what we've all been up to. Regardless of why you read my blog, this post is sure to have something for you, so read on. First, for those of you who are stopping by to see some crafty goodness, we've had a few birthday parties to go to, so here's a quick card I put together for one of the neighbor boys using a retired Simply Scrappin' Kit.

Second, here's a little addition I made to my car. I've been embellishing things right and left lately. I just put some Decor Elements flowers on my laptop. More on that later.

Third, even with all of the heat I managed to whip up a birthday cake for a dear friend of mine whose husband dropped the ball. Although the frosting wasn't exactly what I would do again on this cake, I think the whole thing hit the mark.

On the wildlife front, we've been working on a little project around here. We have a rogue squirrel in our yard who is eating the siding off our house and all of the bark off our trees. We lovingly refer to him as "Squirrel Nutjob" which makes me laugh every time I hear Jordan say it. So matter of fact. Although I don't think this is the actual culprit, I've been working on a bit of a wildlife relocation and abatement project.

You can click on the picture for a closer look at the fact he's trying to chew through the spring. Although the trap has proven to work best as nothing more than a squirrel feeder, my husband is nothing if not persistent and we're still trying to reduce the squirrel population in our yard and increase the squirrel population in a nearby park.

The big boys have both been on the local swim team this summer, so we've been doing lots of this. Mine is in the powder blue leopard cap, which might not have been my first choice of swim caps but sure does make him easy to pick out of a crowd.

Here he is doing his award-winning butterfly. He took first in the whole city in Butterfly. He's 7. In the city-wide meet last weekend he took 1st overall in Butterfly, 2nd overall in Freestyle, and 3rd overall in Backstroke. I think he wants to be Michael Phelps when he grows up.

Here's Dawson. He swam in one meet and it wasn't really his thing. He's not the fastest swimmer, but I think he's the prettiest swimmer. Although I don't think they'd admit it, I do think they had fun. I also think they're glad swim team is over for the year.

Next on the agenda is some of this:

And this:
And hopefully even some of this:

We've had a backpacking trip planned for months. This is the first for me in 10 years (since having kids) and the first ever for Jordan. Our deal was that you had to be potty trained. It's worked well as an incentive. We've been planning and buying gear for weeks and today is the day. Of course, this morning Mason woke up throwing up. Mike took the other two boys and left me home with Mason, but he seems to be feeling much better. We were going up with some friends who are leaving at noon today, so I'm thinking Mason and I may tag along with them if they're not afraid of our germs. Say a prayer for us. We're both disappointed to be missing the fun. Hopefully we can make it up there today and I'll have more pictures like the ones above (which my husband took on his backpacking trip a few weeks ago) to show you soon.

I'm off to the Stampin' Up! Convention on Tuesday. I can hardly wait. And you may not believe this, but this year I made NO SWAPS!! I'm actually glad and feeling a sense of relief. Last year I didn't even swap the first two days. I think it's going to be liberating to not do it. Anyone else want to join me? Maybe I need a NO SWAPS button for my apron - you know with the circle with the line through it. Anyone? . . . *crickets* . . . Well, swaps or no swaps, I'm excited for convention.

P.S. Mason just asked for a snack. I'm thinking he may be okay.


denise:) said...

I like everything on your All Purpose Post!! Especially the cake- i'm sorry your friend's hubby had a brain fart. Hope it's not his "norm".

Good for you for your No Swaps trip! Have a great time!

gina marie said...

I really enjoyed that "all-purpose" post. Good luck with Squirrel Nutjob. Congrats Mason and Dawson. Will pray for good healthy while camping! GO NO SWAPS! (I have no idea what that means but will support you 100%). Have fun!

Leslie Hanna said...

Wow, you've been busy! And if I ever go to Cnvention again, NO SWAPS FOR ME! I had a blast doing it, but honestly, the pressure, is it going to retire, how many to make, packing it all... nope. I think I'd enjoy things much more if I had less to lug around and could get in more people-watching!

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