Friday, June 12, 2009


I told you all a while back about our precious new little guy. We did end up going with Baxter for his name. Not only did it receive the most votes from all of you, by far, it was also my favorite. I pulled the "I'm home with him all day, I get to choose the name" card. He's so precious and fun and the boys absolutely love him. Here are some pictures of our sweet little guy. Thanks for stopping by.

The down-side of having a white puppy - he gets FILTHY!!! I had to bathe him twice in the first week we had him. Once for digging in the mud and once for playing in the garage. This is after the garage incident. He was so dirty!


Rhonda said...


bristowmom said...

He is uber-adorable!

gina marie said...

Oh, he is so cute! His look sure changes once all that fluffy white fur is soaked down. Are your boys having so much fun with him?

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