Monday, March 30, 2009

Mitered Corner Frame Tutorial

Okay, ladies & gents. Here it is. The day you've all been waiting for. My very first blog tutorial. Grab a cuppa joe, sit back, relax, and learn something new - how to create a frame with mitered corners! Here we go . . .
What you'll need - the piece of paper/card stock you want to frame and 4 - 1/4" wide pieces of card stock for your frame. You want these to be about 1" longer than the sides of the piece you're framing. In my example, the designer paper is 3" square and the black pieces are 1/4" x 5".
I used the Tombow Mono Multi liquid glue because it's easiest to get it in a thin line. Start by putting a thin line of adhesive down one side. Put less than I did. I was having trouble taking pictures and applying adhesive simultaneously. Note that you do NOT want the adhesive to go clear to the corners. Leave about 3/8" at each corner where there is no adhesive.
Then attach one of your frame pieces where you just applied the adhesive.
Apply adhesive on the next side. Again, don't go clear to the corner on each side - leave the corners loose.
Then add another piece of the frame. You could really do all of the sides at once, but for the purposes of this tutorial I'm going to start out with just two sides. At the end I'll finish them all up at once. Stick with me. Figuratively. Not literally.
Now, here's the most important part. You're going to get your sharpest scissors (hopefully they're Stampin' Up! Paper Snips - if not, call me! I'll get you some.) They need to be sharp clear to the tips. This is important! Now, where your frame pieces make an "X" you're going to cut from the outside corner to the inside corner of the "X" - from the bottom arrow in the picture to the top arrow - but NOT into the middle of the piece you're framing. Here, let me show you.
You can see here my Paper Snips are cutting *JUST* to the inside corner of the frame.
Here's another shot. I *AM* cutting through the frame AND the designer paper.
When you snip it, these little pieces will come loose and slide out if you didn't glue clear to the corners.
If I turn the piece over, you can see I snipped the designer paper, but since I didn't snip into it farther than the inside edge of the frame, you can't see it on the front.
Now go ahead and add the rest of the frame pieces. You can do it one side at a time or all at once. Whatever floats your boat.
Then on each corner, snip just as before. You want to go through the frame pieces, but NOT into the piece you're framing. If your scissors aren't sharp clear to the points it's going to be really hard to NOT cut the piece you're framing. Trust me. I know. Don't ask me how.
See how it's all coming together?
Here's a picture of the back. You can see where I've made my little snips. But they're not visible on the front.
Here's my finished piece. Voila! You can use this technique to make any size frame. Just make sure your frame pieces are longer than the piece you're framing. You could also make the frame any width. Just snip from the outside corner to the inside - but no further.

One the many blogs I frequent is Leslie Hanna's The Crooked Stamper. She's so hilarious! I love seeing that her scrap space is at least as messy as mine, and she always has a funny story to share. One of my favorite things she does on her blog is the "Spot the Mistake" contest where she dares her readers to point out her grammatical errors in previous posts. I participated a while back and she sent me this fun bunch 'o' loot! I've just kept forgetting to show you all! Thanks, Leslie! Be sure to check out her blog!

Speaking of blog candy, I've noticed my little blog has surpassed 10,000 visits, which isn't a lot in the world of blogs, but it is a lot in my little world for my little blog. I have some goodies I've been stashing and will be back soon with some blog candy of my own. See you soon!


bristowmom said...

Hi Britiney!

I was struggling with a card today - actually it's one I've been struggling with for a week. But today... as I was trying to figure out how to finish it, it hit me! "Britiney's mitred corners!" I tried it. Your technique worked great and the card looks pretty good. I wish I could scan it and show it to you but my computer died yesterday - the one hooked up to my scanner.



Leslie Hanna said...

Thanks for the tutorial - I may have to use that as I use up ann this s-crap I have. Also thanks for the mention. ;-) Now I expect to see how you USE those goods, and I thank you again for taking them out of MY house. ;-)

Congrats on the milestone! Yay!

Jenn D said...

Now your version was way easier than mine. Here I was trying to line up both of my cuts because I did them independently of each other. Fabulous tutorial!

Makeesha Byl said...

WOW Britiney, congrats on the first blog tutorial! You did so great and thanks for sharing your talent! Hope all is well with you.....Love Keesh x

Discount Cards said...

Its nice to saw the tutorial on how we can create a frame with mitered corners. Its a complete tutorial where we get each and every thing about the creation of this.

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