Friday, December 19, 2008

Holiday Crafting and Baking

I've been on a bit of a cooking and crafting bent of late in an attempt to get ready before Christmas runs me over and then backs up and runs me over again.  Just to prove I've made progress on the previously unfinished projects from my earlier post, here's the advent calendar - ON the wall! Yes. Complete. Check.  

Here's the angel, with 6 additional rows on her skirt.  I just need to decide if I'm going to step it up a notch and add a little ruffly trim around the bottom or just tie it off. And I need to put it on the tree to make sure it's long enough.  I'll post a picture of that tomorrow.  Just to prove to you that I've followed through.  Because it's all about you.  I aim to please. 
In addition to my tying up loose ends, I've been a baking maniac.  I've begun making some of my favorite Christmas cookies from last year to share with friends and neighbors.  We also had a dinner party for our home group tonight and I whipped up an epicurean delight of a dinner which included this masterpiece to top off the evening.  

You can compare to Deb's original here.  See?  Mine looks just like hers. Right? Right?  Right. It was amazing and if you don't believe me, please stop by tomorrow and help with the leftovers because I'm currently in a sugar and chocolate and peanut butter induced coma.  In addition, she tempted me beyond my ability to resist with these, so I whipped some up earlier this week.

The frosting was so soft that I couldn't get the roses to turn out, so I used plan B.

I also saw this amazing idea on Val's blog and couldn't resist packaging these yummy cupcakes in such cute boxes for the boys' teachers. They were ADORABLE!! I almost couldn't give them away.  Those are the best kind of gifts, aren't they?  

Here are the boxes.  
Here you can see the inside. 
Here's how they look with a cupcake. 
To finish them off I tied the boxes shut with a pretty bow and added a tag.  Some of the teachers also got a Starbucks gift card on theirs.  The ones that didn't got a gift card from the class for something else (some of the other moms coordinated these gifts.)  

I loved having a special treat to give to the teachers along with their gift cards, and I also liked having a little treat to give to the teachers who got group gifts.  Just a little something to say a personal "Thanks!" to each one.  I think they really liked them.  

One more quick update on our trip from earlier this week for those of you who are interested.  Mike's surgery went well.  The procedure took about 90 minutes.  Other than one small fainting issue, he did well and they released him at about 9:30 that night.  We flew home the next day and he's done really well this week.  He took a regular Tylenol once or twice, but never needed more for the pain than that.  He even went in to work for a half day today.  The recipient received Mike's bone marrow within 48 hours of the extraction and we'll receive an update on his condition after they find out whether his body will accept the transplant and then somewhat regularly after that. There's a risk of graft vs. host disease which means the recipient's body could reject the transplant, in which case he will most likely die.  If his body accepts the transplant, the marrow will start to grow and he will have Mike's blood in his body for the rest of his life.  The whole process has been educational and at times overwhelming.  I let my guard down after Mike was out of surgery and then struggled after the fainting incident, so I was thankful for every prayer. Thanks to all of you who were lifting us up. I'm so glad that it's over and Mike and I are praying for the recipient. It may seem silly, but Mike's blood pumped through a heart that loves God and that blood will be coursing through the recipient's body. I know that God had a plan for us in leading us down this path, and whether or not we ever meet the recipient, we are praying for him and his family. I hope that God's plan involves us meeting the recipient and sharing God's love with him, but if it doesn't I know that God still used this time in our lives for good and if we don't meet the recipient on this side of Heaven, I hope we can meet him when we get there and hear about the journey God took him on.  

I have LOTS more baking to do this weekend, and lots more crafty things I'd like to get done. I'll try to keep up on posting my progress from now until Christmas. We have some family activities we'd like to get in too, and I'll also try to include a quick note or two about that. If you've read this far, thanks for sticking with me. 


Leslie Hanna said...

I LOVE those boxes! I may have to add them to my list of things to make for next year.

And thanks for the update on the bone marrow transplant. How wonderful to think that you even have a CHANCE to save someone's life. And you are still around to know about it (as opposed to that whole organ donor thing.) I am sure however it turns out, you gave your best for someone else, and how wonderful is that?! Happy Holidays!

Chad Estes said...

I've been waiting for an update on Mike. Thanks for posting. He is my hero.

Loved the pictures of the boys, but it should have included mom and dad too.

Love to you all.

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