Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A few loose ends

I had so many things I wanted to accomplish this month and, as usual, December is getting away from me. Some of the things I wanted to do can slide until next month, or next November when I'm again setting lofty goals for what I think I can get done before Christmas. Some I just couldn't let go.  

This one, for example, I've been putting off for about the last 5 Christmases.  My step-mom crocheted an angel for the top of my tree several years ago but when we invested in the Kirkland Signature Christmas tree a few years back she (the angel) seemed a little small. I've left her off the tree for several years now because each year when I put the tree up I say to myself, "Self. I'm not putting her up there until I make her a little longer." And then when I take the tree down the top is still bare.  Humph.  Well, this year my kids gave me so much grief about never having an angel (or anything else for that matter) on top of the tree that I've actually hunted down the pattern (after nearly an hour on the phone with my step-mom) and I put two rows on the bottom of her skirt last night.  More to come on that one.  Although I guess it's technically still in progress, at least work has started.  Right?  
This was another one I was bound and determined to finish, even though I technically should have had it done before December 1st.  My girlfriend, Carrie, and I ordered the kraft jewelry boxes for this project months ago.  I convinced her to order her own box of 100 because, "We're going to make a class out of this!"  You can see Carrie's project here

Well, fast forward to Thanksgiving weekend when I was hounding my dear hubby to finish the frames and running all over town to find the last two cans of spray paint on the planet that matched what we'd already started with, because, "December 1st is Monday!!" Well, it turns out Carrie wasn't available until Tuesday, December 2nd anyway, so we got together last week and semi-assembled them.  Well, me at least.  Carrie's was mostly done when she left.  I, on the other hand, had strep throat when she left (purely coincidental to the fact that she came over and worked on this with me) and was WAY too sick to finish mine until, well, today.  

Seriously.  I was fine when she got here and so sick I wanted to cry by the time she left.  I actually called on the way to get my kids from school and made an appointment to see the doctor that night to make sure I didn't have strep.  The quick test came back negative and I was so sick from Tuesday until Thursday when they FINALLY called me to say the "long" test was positive.  I'm still a little peeved that I was sick for so many days when their darned test could have had me on the road to recovery and doped up on Amoxicillin a full three days earlier!  But I digress.  

I was so glad Carrie came over to provide moral support for me as I applied the Decor Elements decal to the board.  I'm not sure why but those little dots give me hives.  I think it's because I always forget they're there until I'm applying the thing and then panic sets in.  Carrie talked me through the whole thing and then I did the same for her.  We were both squealing when they turned out. YAY!! I absolutely LOVE the Decor Elements products, but I do have to admit they are a little anxiety inducing when it comes right down to actually applying them. I have to remind myself to breathe.  Truthfully I do still have to put the cup hook in to hold the number squares, but I'm counting it as complete as the cup hook job is clearly one for my hubby.  

The good news on putting this off a little is that my kids will be amped up on chocolate for the next few days while they catch up on eating the goodies in each little box. They'll be happy when they figure that out.  The bad news is that, while I'm on the road to recovery, everyone else in my house is sick.  The kids all have a cold and Jordan woke up this morning with croup. I'm sure my older kids both had it, but never this bad.  I was having visions of an ER visit at about 6 this morning when his little chest was sucking in with every breath. Scary. I'm still not convinced we're out of the woods with him. Say a prayer we don't spend the night in the ER tonight. 

I took him to the pediatrician this afternoon and they prescribed some steroids that are supposed to help.  I'm pretty sure when my older kids had the same thing it was a pink liquid.  They drank it in the doctor's office and were well before we got home. For some reason this doctor (we had to switch pediatricians because of our insurance) prescribed pills. He said I could crush them and give them to Jordan with some juice or applesauce. Although the logic evades me now, I didn't think I could crush the pills in a plastic cup, so I put them in a glass, crushed them, added some juice and gave it to Jordan. I walked out of the room and heard the sound of breaking glass and when I went back into the kitchen, Jordan had taken a bite out of the glass!! A bite. Out of the glass.  There were pieces of glass all over the table and a few on the floor.  I checked his mouth and it didn't appear to have any cuts and there was no glass in his mouth I could see, so I dumped the juice into a plastic cup and cleaned up the mess.  When he finished the juice, there was another large piece of glass in the bottom of the cup!! ACK! Where was this in the mothering handbook!!??!! Since his mouth wasn't cut and he wasn't crying about anything other than breaking the glass I assumed he didn't swallow any.  Although if we end up in the ER tonight because of the croup, I'll be sure to mention it. Should make for exciting times.

Well, I'd better get off my duff and go work on that angel! Mike and I leave for Denver on Sunday and his bone marrow donation procedure is Monday and we're supposed to fly home Tuesday. Denver in December. Good times.  


Marie said...

That angel is REALLY pretty and I LOVE the advent board!!! Way to use those decor elements!!!

bristowmom said...


In my humble opinion, this is your best post ever! I do hope Jordan is okay. I think you are in Denver right now. I will pray that all goes well for Mike on Monday.


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