Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Active Hero

My husband is a blood donor.  I used to be, back when I had time to go to the bathroom by myself and left the house looking like someone who had somewhere to go. Without spit-up or snot on me. In clean clothes. You know. The old days. Mike, however, has continued to donate blood regularly. His blood donor card says "Active Hero" on it and he reminds me regularly of his active-hero status.  

Well, as if that weren't enough, yesterday we got a call from the NMDP and Mike came up as a match to someone who needs a bone marrow transplant. A 15 year old kid. Talk about a hero. All I could think about was the parents of that kid and how I'm sure Mike is an answer to many many prayers. I wondered how long they had been waiting to find him and how sick their kid is. Anyway, it looks like Mike and I will be flying to Spokane in a couple of weeks for his initial work-up and then to Denver for the donation in December. What a Christmas present, huh? Too bad we can't wrap his bone marrow in pretty paper and top it with a bow. 

The whole thing is a little scary. Mostly because it's unfamiliar territory for all of us.  My 8 year old flipped out when we told him. The memories of Mike's hernia surgery in August are still fresh and to him that means dad's out of commission for a few weeks, which will probably be true.  I tried to explain how we are helping to save someone's life and how we would hope someone would do the same for us if we ever need it.  But in his 8 year old mind it just means dad can't play football catch with him any time he wants and it's a drag. So, my husband has always been my hero, and a hero to my kids, but now he gets to be one to people we've never met. I hope his gift can save their child. You can click here to find out more about bone marrow donation.  Oh, and if you voted today, you're a hero too.  


bristowmom said...

Great post Britiney.

gina marie said...

Oh he is a hero!!!! I will keep your family and the recipient family in my prayers. I know you are an answer to theirs...how wonderful!

leslie said...

How cool to come up as a match and know you can save someone. Hero, indeed.

Brenda said...

Wow, that is awesome! Way to go Mike!!
I was bleeding out during a surgery a few years back, and the hospital had to call some guy to come and donate blood in the next room...I never found out who it was, but he saved my life! I can only imagine how grateful this family will be.
Holding you all in my prayers...
~Brenda H.

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