Friday, October 17, 2008

Holiday Mini Swaps - 3

I'm excited to show you my last Holiday Mini swap.  Sometimes coming up with three great ideas for one stamp set can be a little challenging when you're under pressure to get the cards done on a deadline.  My girlfriend, Carrie, and I brainstormed this one and I was thrilled with how it turned out - elegant, simple, pretty. This card also went together quickly enough that it could be mass-produced.  It's definitely in the running for our family Christmas card this year.  
I again used the "Home for Christmas" stamp set.  I stamped the main image on white card stock with Baja Breeze ink.  Then I stamped the sentiment on vellum card stock with versamark and embossed it with silver embossing powder. I wanted a silver edge on the vellum, so I just ran the edges of the vellum along my silver encore ink pad.  A word to the wise, silver encore ink will NEVER dry on vellum.  Never.  I waited about 4 hours and it was still wet.  A week later I even found a piece I had messed up on and set aside - the silver ink was still wet.  I loved how it looked, but what a mess! I ended up embossing the edges with silver embossing powder just to set the silver ink.  To attach the vellum to the card without adhesive showing through I used silver brads to attach it to the white layer.  I added some Baja Breeze striped ribbon, and attached one of the fun new Little Felt Flurries felt snowflakes in Baja Breeze with some silver cord.  I attached the vellum and white layers to the Baja Breeze base with dimensionals. 

Ok, today I leave you with a "green" question. My husband is the recycling king of the world. Every week when he sets out the trash we have one trash can (for our family of 5) and the recycling is stacked high. If I throw something in the trash that can be recycled, he digs it out and puts it in its proper place (and now my kids to this too!) In our little attempt to take care of the world God gave us, I also purchased re-usable grocery bags a couple of years ago.  I LOVE them - they hold so much more than the plastic or paper bags and I love that I'm doing my tiny part at reducing the waste we make as a family.  Here's the catch.  When we were using plastic grocery bags, we used them as trash can liners in the house. But because we haven't been acquiring as many plastic bags, we have now depleted our supply of plastic grocery bags. I can't stand the thought of buying plastic liner bags for the kitchen garbage so we can throw them away.  Does anyone have a good suggestion for a compromise?  What do you do? Does it really make sense to spend money on plastic garbage can liners when I could use plastic grocery bags and save a few bucks? Does anyone know if the plastic trash can liners you buy are better for the environment than plastic grocery bags?  I like the thought that the purchased ones will fit the trash can better and that they won't have the holes that are usually present in the grocery store bags, but I'm just struggling with the thought of spending money on something I can get for free - in these tough economic times.  Ok, sorry for the rant.  Thanks for any suggestions you have!  


Jenn D said...

This is gorgeous! You rocked this set. I'm going to have to show this to my mom, who is using the set for her Christmas cards.

gina marie said...

You are so talented! I love your Christmas card designs. I don't have an answer for your green question though. I also use the reusable grocery bags. But I line my kitchen garbage can with store bought liners and all the others with the plastic grocery bags.

Kristin said...

OK, first of all, your card is just lovely! And I will second that the silver encore ink never dries on vellum or anything else. I kid you not, I have a scrapbook page from a few years ago that the silver ink will smear today if I rub it. Thank heavens for page protectors!

Secondly, I am so proud of you for doing your part for recycling= I love your attitude! I had this conversation recently with someone who burns all her trash (plastic etc.). When I mentioned the harmful toxins they are not only breathing but contributing to global warming she just laughed and said that is nothing compared to the large corporations- so it didn't matter to her one bit. I was so bummed to hear that kind of attitude.

Sorry this is so long but I wanted to give you some advice on the plastic bags. I have 1000s since I haven't gone to "green" bags yet, although I really would feel better if I did! BUT, at our local grocery there are huge trash cans to put our extra plastic bags to have them recycled. It is often shoved full and I wonder if it would be OK (ask the store first) to grab a handful or so?!? I bet if you explain why you don't have any they wouldn't have a problem with it. If not, ask a neighbor- those of us that do use them have way more than we can handle!

PS- My now 7y.o DD picked out a t-shirt for her birthday that says "I LOVE TO RECYCLE!" and she has been begging me for a year to help her start a recycling business. I printed business cards for her but that's as far as we've gotten.

leslie (the crooked stamper) said...

Check out Seventh Generation (online) or Whole Foods to see if they have any eco-friendly solution to your plastic bag problem!

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