Friday, September 12, 2008

More Baby Pics

I got to see my sister and the precious new little one and I couldn't resist posting just a couple more pictures.  She is the most precious thing and last I heard the name choices were down to Ava and Amelia.  
These are the proud parents.  Aren't they beautiful!
Me, my darling sister, and her precious bundle.  

This is just cropped from the picture above, but it makes it easier to see the baby.  Thanks for indulging me one more time.  

WAIT!  This just in . . . Looks like Amelia won out.  Meet Amelia Marie.  Ok, just one more picture (for today at least!)  


bristowmom said...

She's even more beautiful today than she was yesterday! A beautiful family - including the aunt! Aren't you a little jealous of them with a sweet little baby? I am - but just a little. The sleepless nights are still too fresh in my mind for me to be VERY jealous!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family!
Amelia Marie.....perfect name!

Kristin said...

Congrats Auntie, she's adorable! My niece just turned 1 yesterday! Guess I'd better take a lesson from you and post a picture (or 2) on my blog of her, huh!?!

gina marie said...

Amelia! Beautiful name for a beautiful sweet baby! And your sister...well, nobody should look THAT good just after giving birth. And you look like the happiest, proudest Aunt on the planet. BTW...I do newborn photos and custom birth announcements if you are interested.

Ann said...

SO cute! TFS :D

Marie said...

Ohhh...she is so beautiful!!! Congrats to the new Auntie and Amelia's mommy and daddy. I can't wait for my sister to have a baby someday so I can be a "real" aunt. My hubby's siblings have kids, and I LOVE them, but it's not quite the same...Spoil her good!!!

Kristin said...

Hey there, everything OK? I've been checking in on you periodically and haven't seen updates for a while. Just checkin'! Hope all's well and you're super busy stampin'!

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