Friday, August 29, 2008

K-Dub's Color Challenge

This week my kids started school, and I've been working my tail off to get all of my "mom jobs" done so I could have a few minutes to play this week. Today it finally paid off and I had a few minutes to play with my until-now-unused Big Shot and tackle K-Dub's latest Color Challenge. Here's the inspiration piece and my creation.
I saw a card like this on the Paperlicious blog a while back, and Joan had used her Nestabilities to emboss the front of the card before stamping it. I LOVED the idea and every time I make a card like this I'm thrilled with the results.

We've had an exciting week around these parts.  As I mentioned, school started.  That's mostly exciting for me, but the kids have had a fun week as well.  We also started soccer practice last week, which means we're back to the super-busy-crazy schedule.  AND this happened on Monday:  

Monday night a big storm blew in.  Mostly just wind, but it was blowing about 50 mph when I left soccer practice at 6:45.  When my husband got home at 7:15 he asked me if I had seen the fire.  I had no idea what he was talking about, so he took me outside where the sky was filled with smoke.  He told me there was a fire about 2 miles from our house and that there were probably homes on fire.  We turned on the news and they had 5 hours of continuous coverage of one of the biggest fires Boise has ever seen.  Just to give you some perspective (if you care), here's a map.  

The circle with the "x" is where I live and the arrow is pointing to where the fire was.  For me to drive to the fire location is 3.8 miles according to Google Maps, but as the crow flies it's closer to about 2 miles from our house.  The bluff that the fire burned up runs from the location of the fire all the way through my neighborhood and behind the homes across the street from me.  So it seems possible that this could have reached my neighborhood if the conditions had been right.  Some of the homes on the west end of my neighborhood were among the 50+ homes evacuated that night.  

In all, 10 homes were completely destroyed (burned down to the foundation) and 8-10 more were heavily damaged and one person lost her life.  The fire fighters are my heroes.  It is an absolute miracle that they kept the rest of the houses safe and that there wasn't more damage.  If you'd like to see more info about the fire, you can click here, or here, or you can see some pictures my girlfriend took herself here.  Anyway, as I'm sure you can imagine, we're spending a little more time this week thinking about the things in our lives that are really important, and taking the time to make those a priority (and making sure our homeowner's insurance is up to date!)  Please say a prayer for those who were affected by this terrible tragedy.  One of the teachers at my sons' school lost her home in the fire.  This was her first week teaching and she's 33 weeks pregnant with her first child (a boy) and they lost everything.  

Sending cyber-hugs to all of my blog friends.  Go tell someone you love them.  


Wendy said...

Gorgeous sympathy card.

Karen Giron said...

That is so devastating! I can't believe how much the fire destroyed those homes, it's so sad. I'm glad to hear your home is safe and in tact.

I love your card - it's sooo beautiful and elegant. Very nice job with the challenge!

Have a great weekend.

Kari said...

So sorry to hear about the fires so close to you! We live in Southern California where several fires have been extremely close to us too and have see the devastation from them. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and those who lost their homes.

I also love the card you created! Gorgeous!!!

bristowmom said...

Beautiful card! Thank you for your hospitality when I was in town. It was so wonderful to see you, and I loved seeing all your new stuff! AND my kids really enjoyed playing with your kids. You are definitely a part of what miss about Idaho!

denise:) said...

seriously pretty card... and i'm so glad your family/home remains safe and sound.

Marie said...

How devastating for the people who lost their homes. I hope that all the people and animals were at least safe - you can replace things although it is difficult to lose them....

Love this card too!! The LO is simple and stunning.

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