Monday, May 26, 2008

I'm a K-Dub wanna-be

But then, who isn't?  Kristina Werner is one of my all-time-favorite stampers.  I wish I could channel her stamping mojo.  Her clean and simple style is my preferred style and I wish I could pull it off as well as she does.  I was looking through her SCS gallery a few days ago and was reminded of some of my favorite cards she's done.  Sometimes if I re-create something I love exactly, it's then easier for me to get creative on my own, so I re-created some of her cards that are in my "favorites".  Here are two cards that are exact CASEs of her cards.  
I *heart* these cards!  They're even more amazing in real life.  I take NO credit.  Like I said, these are K-Dub's creations.  Although I did use the red & white striped ribbon on my teacher thank-you instead of the pink taffeta.  I may have to make another one with the pink for my other son's teacher.  I know they'll love these.  Thanks for the inspiration, K-Dub!!

Once I got my crafty juices flowing, I went back to the Great Swaps Girls featured stamper challenge from last week.  Last week's featured stamper was Lisa Henke.  I had a hard time choosing just one of her great cards for my inspiration, but I settled on this one.  
I tend to be a bit of a mono-chromatic stamper if I don't push myself to do something else.  I'm not sure why, and it drives me crazy.  This card went down that path, and as usual when I don't push myself to add more colors, it's not my favorite card ever.  It will be a cute b-day card for a little girl though.  I pressed on and came up with another version I liked a little better.  Here's that card.  
I did one with the yellow flowers with green brads and one with green flowers with yellow brads.  I think I like the one with green flowers better, so that's the one you get a close-up of.  I was much happier with this card.  I found the darling stripes and flowers patterned paper in my Cutie Pie DSP.  It's quite different from most of the other papers in that package, so it was fun to find this little hidden treasure in there.  Thanks, Lisa, for the great inspiration!!  

A quick question for my blog readers (yes, all 3 of you! *wink*) Do you like to see the "recipes" for the cards I post?  You know, the papers, inks, accessories, etc?  When I'm blog surfing I don't usually read through that stuff unless there's something that has me stumped, so I've been leaving it off.  If you, my adoring public, would like to see that info, I'll include it.  Drop me a comment and let me know.  Thanks, peeps!


Vera said...

Lovely cards for the GSG Featured Swapper challenge! I like the monochromatic card a lot!

Carrie Cudney said...

I love your cards and they are photographed so beautifully! I'm glad I found your blog so I can see all your cute creations!

Lisa H. said...

thanks for playing, Britney. Uh, your cards are beautiful! You are being too hard on yourself. I LOVE the pink brithday card-the polka dots and that ribbon are just so much fun. I do really like the second card, too. great job on pulling in some extra color.

Becky Carafa said...

I'm a Kdub wnna-be too, lol! Her style is just "it" for me. Anyway, fantastic job case-ing Lisa, these are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cards as always. You know I can pick your cards out of a stack of 50!! I don't think you need to leave the card recipes unless you use some unusual technique. Plus, I know where to find you if I have questions (smile).

gina marie said...


YOU are my fave stamper of ALL time!!! K Dub?...yes, she is good, but you are better:-).

Love, your non-stamping friend,

Kim said...

Hi. My name is Kim, and I'm a K Dub wanna-be. (Hi, Kim). Seriously though, Kristina rocks! If only I could rise to such design brilliance, my life would be complete. Looking forward to swapping with you for gsg2.

Marie said...

You are TOO funny!!! Don't you just love Kristina's style?!? I'm loving yours too - I'm adding your blog to my sidebar when I'm done looking at it!!!

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