Saturday, April 26, 2008

It's True, I'm a Soccer Mom . . .

It's true, I'm a soccer mom.  100%.  I drive a minivan and spend countless hours on an always windy soccer field throughout the Fall and Spring every year.  We're wrapping up soccer season with a bang this weekend and next.  During soccer season, sacrifices must be made.  We get intimate with our hats, gloves, and parkas.  We spend hours in the freezing cold cheering our little soccer men on to victory.  And my stamping time diminishes greatly.

My oldest, Dawson, received the most improved player award this year.  He deserved it.  When he started in the Fall I thought to myself, "He'll never score a goal.  The other kids are just too good."  He proved me wrong.  He's gained so much finesse this season and he's probably scored in at least half of the games.  I really enjoy watching him play.  He's 8.  Here are a couple of pictures of him in action.  
My almost 6 year old, Mason, is a soccer phenom.  He's amazing.  Really.  He scores goal after goal after goal in every game until I'm basically embarrassed for the other kids and wish the coach would take him out.  He does, however, ensure victory for his team - single handedly.  I think it's because he and Dawson play each other so much at home - to the death.  Any soccer game in our back yard ALWAYS ends in a fight.  Here are a few pictures of him.  See if you can spot any trends.  I sometimes think he could probably hold his own on Dawson's team!
Luckily he's a much more gracious winner than loser.  He doesn't gloat when he wins, but it is not a pretty picture when he loses.  Especially to Dawson.  Lucky for him, that rarely happens.  

A couple more pictures of my kiddos - including the little guy,  Jordan (we call him Tiny Man or TM for short).  
Jordan Dawson
Thanks for indulging me while I bragged about my kids today.  Thanks, too, to those of you who have stopped by and took the time to leave me a comment!  It's so fun to know someone is reading my new blog!  

I'm going to sneak down to my craft lab now (HA! I love that!  I copied that from Denise - aka Geekgirl. I'll have to ask her if she minds.)  Hopefully I'll have something crafty to share with you later!


Kristin said...

Such cuties! and as I mom I think you should totally feel comfortable bragging about your kids occasionally!

gina marie said...

Your boys are so or lose. I love the pics.


gina marie said... happened again. I think I am doing something more try:-).

Your boys are so or lose, their the best!!! Great photos!!!!

denise:) said...

hmm... do you think i can trademark "lab"? I don't mind if you use it- we can share!

Cute boys!!!

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